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Our top picks from the InsurTech world in the past few weeks. 

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer Oil, but Data

The article, Data is the oil of the digital erain the Economist is an intriguing read.

Can you remember how you lived before your smartphone and the Internet?

They are both now considered as essential tools for normal life.

Any action we take whether it is going for a run, watching your favourite TV programme, searching on Google or even sharing something on Facebook you are creating a digital imprint. Basically more and more data for companies to extract, analyse and use.

The world’s top data Giants- Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft -have a global view on everything.

How do we regulate them?

How do we ensure that our data is not misused by the top data giants?

How do we secure our privacy?


Summer of Insurance

Rosie Quigley, from Insurance Post, writes about the recent afternoon meet-up with the Marketing Eye top Insurtech start-ups.

Sherpa was delighted to spend the afternoon tossing a frisbee and networking with our peers in the London InsurTech space.

Topics ranged from funding, regulations, Brexit and much more. Here at Sherpa we are all set to disrupt the Insurance world.

Find out more in Rosie Quigley’s article


How have Uber and Airbnb affected Insurance?

In her article, How have Uber and Airbnb affected Insurance, Lucy Hook, from Insurance Business, builds the case for Sherpa.

According to Lucy Hook, Uber and Airbnbhave disrupted their respective industries. This has brought about a shift in consumers’ expectations. Likewise, insurance aggregators have already had an effect on the Insurance industry especially when it comes to choice and distribution, however, more needs to be done.

This shift in consumer expectations and the data we now have at our fingertips means that insurance products need to change too.

Personalised, quick, simple and on-demand insurance is what consumers want but of course we, at Sherpa, already knew that.

We are all set to provide you the protection you need. 1 simple, personalised online account that gives you exactly the Insurance cover you require.  

Are you ready to get on board? Get Early Access here.




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